Going Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before

Hello! I’m Alison. As you can see by my username and the title of this post, I’m a bit of a geek. Ekhlami is Vulcan for among them, which I felt was rather fitting, all things considered. Going Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before is from The Original Series’ intro. I felt, as I was beginning this (the setting up of accounts and so forth), that Star Trek was the best way to go — after all, as anyone who knows me well can tell you, it entertains me to a very high degree.

This blog, as any readers probably already know, is for a computer science class. Thus, this entry was assigned. Sadly, I don’t remember what exactly it was that I’m supposed to be writing. I jotted down notes for the first blog assignment — “introduce self, relate to class, feelings about ‘net” — but I don’t actually recall what “relate to class” was supposed to mean. Am I supposed to mention class? Ought I share my feelings about the class, or computer science in general?

Clearly, I need to up my note-taking skills. Alas, that doesn’t help me right now.

So, moving right along to the feelings sections of the blog. *Grin*

The Internet is a lovely, lovely thing. Like most college students — and indeed, most people roughly my age disregarding the level, current or former, of schooling — I’m on the ‘net on a daily basis. I do a variety of things on it, including but not limited to shopping, reading, and procrastinating.

In all seriousness, however, one of the most important functions of the Internet, for me, is the ability to converse with people who are in other countries. Currently, I attend school in Japan, but as an American, my family resides in the States. Since I transferred to this college, the friends I made at the last college and I are no longer in day-to-day contact, but due to the Internet, we can continue to further our friendships.

Goodness, though, that got a little heavy for an introductory blog post! I apologize, if anyone is actually reading this.

Well, that’s that, I guess. To anyone reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care!



4 comments on “Going Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before

  1. i read this in your voice. we’ve been living together for too long…

    anyway, proud of you for successfully setting up a blog + twitter! you might not be doomed after all.

    • I lied — I think I’m going to make it a point to reply to every message, and so even though you got a verbal response, you get a written one too!
      Aren’t you lucky?
      We possibly have been living together for two long if you hear me in your head. We could take you to a doctor? It may help…
      Does this mean you aren’t going to teach me how to do things with pictures?

  2. Thanks for explaining the Vulcan reference. I grew up watching Star Trek in reruns but before the Movies or Next Generation thing happened. Watched it everyday afters school in fact. For some reason, I wasn’t to keen on either Kirk or Spock.

    Dr. McCoy was my favorite character. I think them called him Bonez or something.

    In terms of your introductory post, I think what you’ve done is perfect. Anything I might have said was/were merely guidelines or suggestions. Your driving the bus when you’re doing the writing – you certainly don’t need me as a backseat driver or navigator.

    • TOS is definitely the best of the bunch, so no worries. Bones is definitely the coolest of the bunch. After all, he’s a doctor, not an escalator! (Friday’s Child.)
      I’ll figure this whole blogging thing out. It’s a brand new experience. (I’m secretly not a very good product of my generation, in terms of technology.)

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