Make It So, Number One

Everything has a story. So, find an item that you have an extreme emotional attachment to, take a picture of it, and tell the story! Convey all the emotion and feeling, and let us know why the item is important to you!

This is the ds106 assignment I have chosen to begin with.

This photo was taken by tokyo50mm, who will be pleased to note that I figured out how to put it up.

This is a paperweight, though I don’t actually use it as such. It just kind of chills on my bookshelf, perfectly content to glitter away. I don’t remember how long I’ve had it — I feel almost like I’ve always had it, though I know that that isn’t the case. My little brother gave it to me for Christmas years ago (why, I have no idea, but I’m glad for it all the same), and I’ve kept it with me ever since.

I haven’t moved around a lot — in fact, I lived in the same house until I went to college — but the colleges I’ve been to haven’t been anywhere near home. I grew up in California, went to college in Missouri, and now, as you probably are aware, I’m in Tokyo. No matter where I’ve been, this has been perched on a shelf or desk or windowsill.

I know that the thing to say is that it is one of my favorite things because my brother bought it for me, but honestly, I haven’t the slightest idea. It’s just so shiny and distracting, and, for whatever reason, I think it’s beautiful. You can’t see it in the photo, but it has lines where the glass was cut to make the spherical shape, and they glitter in the light.

I’m not very articulate, so I won’t try to go more into it. However, I will say that when I’m playing with it (rolling it in my hands and the like), it always reminds me a bit of growing up.



6 comments on “Make It So, Number One

  1. Did I mentioned the primary directive of ds106? Students are prohibited from making self-deprecating remarks. Consider this a first warning.

    This is an incredibly articulate and powerful bit of writing. I can make no suggestions as to what you’ve written. In a sense it’s perfect until you find something you want to adjust.

    But in terms of “ds106 protocol” it would be helpful if you provided a link back to the assignment on the ds106 site. There’s also the matter of tagging your post. As we are still very much early days, I’d not worry about the second point for the moment. But if you have a moment, see if you can figure out how to add that link to assignment. It shouldn’t be much more challenging than getting tokyo50mm‘s photo into your great post.

    • Understood! No more self-depreciation from this corner.
      I knew I forgot something! I’ll post the link when ds106 is up again. I have also added the tag to the post.
      Have a great afternoon!

  2. When you add a personal reflection to the description of something is changes the experience for readers. I think. That darn paperweight has traveled and you and your stories along with it.

    Your writing glitters in the light too. Good work.

  3. Actually, even though you say, “as you probably are aware, I’m in Tokyo,” I don’t know that at all. But if you are, I hope that is cool for you.
    I really enjoyed this piece of writing . It’s a bit disingenuous to say,”I’m not very articulate,” after being so excellently articulate, and that made me smile, but mainly I just really appreciated picking up on the warm vibe between you and your brother through time and space, and all contained in the image of that sparking paperweight.

    • I am indeed! Actually, this blog is school-related, and I kind of ditzed out for a second and forgot that other people would read this. My sincerest apologies.
      Thank you for the compliment! I know so many brilliant writers that I may judge myself too harshly. Still, I’m glad you enjoyed reading this, and that you got the feeling I was trying to convey.

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