“I’m a Doctor, Not a –!”

You may have noticed by now, dear reader, that all of my titles (thus far, anyway), are Star Trek references. In keeping with that, may I present my second ds106 assignment, Troll Quotes.

This was a fairly simple process, all things considered. The picture itself I found after a quick Google search for Emergency Medical Hologram — for that is who he is. He was the sole medical personal for Star Trek: Voyager. He was very odd.

The quote, of course, is from Dr. McCoy, who was from The Original Series. He said things like that a lot — “I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer/shuttle conductor/psychiatrist!” This particular quote comes from Friday’s Child. To learn more about McCoy, you should totally listen to this song. It’s by S.P.O.C.K., a Swedish group, I think, and it’s totally rockin’.

Dr. Crusher is the doctor from Next Generation — and quite frankly, I try to forget about her. Alas, what can you do? I liked Wesley more than I liked her — and if you know the general feelings for Wesley Crusher, you understand what sort of statement I’m making here. She’s not bad, she’s just… Well. The less I say, the better, I’m sure.

In any case, the process.

After deciding what assignment I was going to tackle (surprisingly easily, since I see them all the time and have been tempted to do one) I had to choose my characters. I chose Star Trek because it’s now a theme for my life — there are things I like more, but most people associate it with me, and I’m okay with that. In fact, it greatly amuses me. So why not? The characters, then, were slightly harder, but I like the CMOs, and so I eventually settled on them.

I found the picture of the EMH via Google search, and quickly saved it. After opening Paint (sorry, tokyo50mm!), I quickly typed in a McCoyism and attributed it to Dr. Crusher. I’ve been considering how I would do this for a few hours, and was originally going to use a picture of Sisko, with the quote “make it so” attributed to Kirk (though Picard is the one who is known for it), but eventually decided that I’d prefer to do a doctor-themed ds106. Regardless, my needs were met, so I’m perfectly content.

In any case, I chose the McCoyism because it’s something that is easily recognized. Thus, I was left to chose between the EMH and Crusher for the picture and attribution. As I’ve stated, though, I really don’t like Crusher — so the EMH it was. And thus, it began.

This was really interesting to do, and I’m glad I’ve finally done it. I see things like this all the time on imgur, but couldn’t bring up the courage to do it until just now. It was fun, and I’ll think I’ll do it again sometime.

Have a great night, Possible Reader, and take care!



10 comments on ““I’m a Doctor, Not a –!”

  1. gigglesnorts. i love you.
    class today was a bore without you, i didn’t have anyone to make fun of… tho i did get to choose my own seat and it was far better than where you usually seat us, and so, actually, don’t come back ;p
    hope you liked dinner!

  2. That was a close call. Glad we were able to salvage this post.

    It’s not fair to be so disparaging of Dr. Crusher and not explain why. She always struck me as kind and compassionate character. Am I missing something?

    • Thank you so much! You really helped me out there. I still can’t figure out what happened…
      Dr. Crusher isn’t bad, per se. It’s mostly that she irks me in the most annoyingly general way possible. It’s not so much her fault as it is mine, primarily because I keep judging her against the other doctors, and, well… she’s just so very different. Also, the episodes where she was the main character were pretty bad, if I recall correctly, so it all just kind of piled on her. It’s most unfortunate, but alas.

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