This Side of Paradise, Take Two!

So, about a week ago, I made an attempt on the Flickr assignment about finding a Creative Commons image and properly documenting it.

I successfully did it wrong. Pretty picture, though, but I’ve opted to take it down for now.

In any case! This is my second attempt. I do hope you enjoy it.

Like I said, we were assigned a quick, easy find, gather, post, and link blog.

Red skies at night, red skies at night.   Wo oh, wo oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Red Skies at Night by slworking2CC Licensed via Flickr

This is the picture I found through Creative Commons. Cheers, yes? I think it’s lovely. By this time, you’re probably aware, I think that the sky is pretty. So, just for you, another picture of a rainbow sky. What can I say? It’s delightful.

It is, of course, another California picture. How could I help myself? It was pretty, and from home — just about perfect, I’d say.

Have a fantastic day!


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