The Beginning

My second ds106 assignment was Comments for Kids. Basically, the idea behind it is to encourage kids who are blogging to keep it up. The ds106 site also give you a quality comment guide link, to a site made by a third grade class. (Can I just add here that I have no idea what to do with life when third graders are creating web content?)

To start with, I went to the list of participants. I have to say, my shock level was sky high when I realized that the youngest was only six. In some ways, this entire thing is really kind of awkward, as the children are, like most bloggers, putting images of themselves up. It’s nothing bad, exactly, but having been raised in a very “We don’t put pictures up of ourselves ever” kind of household, it’s very kind of “…” for me.

In any case. I went through and figured out who I wanted to comment on. This, for me, was really difficult — because there are so many people there, and because it’s always really odd to comment on someone’s blog when you don’t know them. (I know, I know, I have really odd ways of thinking about things, I’ve been told.)

So I wandered through. The assignment called for three to five comments — I decided that four was a nice, reasonable number. (I like using the middle number, what can I say?) I’m not going to tell you where I  made the comments, but feel free to read these blogs and make comments of your own. Some of the blogs are really kind of cool, with game apps and the like (one had a Magic 8 Ball which I played for several minutes, because it’s been ages, and it was fun). Of course, others are terrifying, because girls really like sparkles, and the backgrounds may blind you.

Have a great day!



2 comments on “The Beginning

  1. I wasn’t familiar with this assignment. It would have been nice to include at least one link to one of the blog posts you comment on. Also, did you receive any follow up from any of the kids’ blogs you commented on.

    This is a very interesting idea. Thanks for high-lighting this interesting assignment with your post.

    • I thought it was kind of cool — it’s supposed to be all about encouragement. I was kind of really awed by the fact that kids as young as six were blogging (though in her case, there was definitely parental help, because I have yet to meet a six year old who could spell like that) and otherwise using the computer so handily.
      I did think about linking to the comments, to prove that I actually did it if nothing else, but I didn’t really want to link to the kids’ blogs. It just felt odd to me.
      I haven’t heard anything yet, though my comments did get approved (I went back and checked), no one, student or otherwise, has commented. Though, going through these blogs, there didn’t seem to be many comments at all, so maybe commenting/replying isn’t a part of their assignments. I know that when I was that age, I had more entertaining things to do — and these kids talk an awful lot about outdoors things. (In some ways, this is a relief — everything we’re hearing about kids and how they don’t know what outside is anymore seems to be false.)

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