Drink on It

I chose to do this ds106 assignment. The point was to find a picture and then add text from a Top 100 song.

First, I went here to grab my photo of choice. There were some really cool ones, and I wandered about for quite some time before I eventually decided on one. Given the season, I decided on some lovely trees. Of course, this picture wasn’t taken in Japan, but still, it’s really pretty. Don’t you think?

Well, actually, you can’t see it yet, unless you’re looking at the bottom of this post. Shame on you if you are. Tsk, tsk.

In any case.

After locating my picture, I went through the Top 100 list. Man, I hadn’t realized how out of the loop I was. I only knew maybe ten of those songs — and most of those I know because of other people.

It’s actually a little bit sad, I think.

So, I chose my words to go over the picture. I chose Blake Shelton’s Drink on It. Go, have a listen. (What can I say? I like country.) Then, to Picnik I went! Luckily for me, it doesn’t shut down until the 19th, so I could still use the site. Score, am I right?

After altering the photo, I saved it and put it on Flickr.

Here you go!


Have a great night.



4 comments on “Drink on It

    • I have not. Actually, I’ve never been. **Sheepish** I think I’m wandering out tomorrow, though. People keep telling me how awesome it is, so I figure I may as well. I’m off to Ueno Park. Is that a good place, or should I pick somewhere else?

  1. This one is very useful for me as I get no chance to go out and view the cherry blossoms this year – too busy reading all the wonderful student blog posts and ds106 assignments.

    I like what you came up with here. But I think a different font color might have been a bit easier to read.

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