Final Exam Practical Activity

Chairman of the Board
Intergalactic Board of Education
Address Unspecified

To Whom it may Concern:

I write to you as a recent student of CIS0835. I understand that the Intergalactic Board of Education is, at the moment, unsure as to whether or not they should allow this course to continue. I hope, with this letter, to aid you in your decision making process.

CIS0835 has been an eye-opening course for me. When I begin this class in January, I was not literate in social media for the most part, a fact that this course has altered. I did have a Facebook account, but I had never used Twitter, Flickr, or had ever held a blog. I had no clue how to embed a video. These things, in this day and age, are very important day-to-day processes.

While I am certain I am not the majority in my illiteracy, I am also positive that there are others like me out there, waiting to take this class. I was not up to speed, as it were, with the greater part of my generation, and the generation that’s coming after me. Children as young as six are learning how to do these things that I was ignorant about, and for others in my former position, that is not a good thing.

For their sake — the sake of the people who have never heard of WordPress, the people who don’t know what tl;dr is, the people who have no idea what HTML is or how to use it — I ask you to consider allowing CIS0835 to continue. It is a good class with an understanding teacher, and there are still plenty of people who would benefit greatly from this course.




Computers by Valley Library (Oregon State University) — CC Licensed via Flickr


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