Yeah, okay. So at this point, it’s a running theme, which may later become somewhat annoying (to all involved, really), but at this time suits me just fine. And hey, themes can change, right? So… eventually, I may just go and change up on you all, and you shall all be surprised.

It’ll be great.

So here’s the thing. In TOS, there were three colors of uniforms: gold, blue, and red. The represented the different sections of Starfleet personnel: Command Gold, Science Blue (which included medical personnel), and red was sub sectioned into Security and Engineering.

Who do you think, if you had to guess, was most likely to die?

Yup, you guessed it — the guys in red. Not only because they represent half the population, but because both engineering and security jobs are fairly dangerous — one gets sparked at, or things fall down, and the other gets shot pretty often. This isn’t to say that they are the only ones to die, it’s just, job-wise, it’s more likely.

Plus, most of the episodes took place in the form of going to a planet (which necessitates some security personnel), and the team that went down was generally composed of Main Characters (Kirk, Spock, McCoy, etc.), so they kind of had to kill off security.

In any case, “redshirts” are most likely to die. That’s all  you really needed to know to find this image amusing, pretty sure.

The image! It is not mine. I have no idea who uploaded it (I can’t figure it out, and it bothers me greatly, so if anyone knows how to use imgur, I would seriously appreciate some help), but I saw it and now I can’t stop laughing.

Again, this isn’t mine. Here’s the link back to where I found it.

For those of you who have never seen an episode of TOS, the guy at the bottom is Captain Kirk. Well, the original one, not the one played by Chris Pine. This is, instead, William Shatner.

You understand, I’m sure, why this is so entertaining. They are saying “redshirt treatment” like it’s a good thing, but it’s possibly the worst thing they could do.

Well, at least they have an apple. An apple a day keeps the doctor away — and in this case, that’s not only good, it’s vital to survival.

Have a great day!



Operation — Annihilate! Lost

I chose this assignment for various reasons — partly to stay with the whole Star Trek thing, and partly because I like writing. In this case, however, instead of using the shows, I chose a movie — Reboot, the latest one, which many of you have likely seen.

This assignment was to take a minor character and write what they were doing before or after a scene in a movie or show. It took me a while to figure out just how I was going to do it. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I was going to do Reboot at first. I considered a few TOS episodes, a Voyager episode, and a DS9 episode — but in the end, I figured, what the heck,why not. The title of this post, however, is from a TOS episode, but I’ll explain, I promise.

Then, it was about the character.

I thought about using Winona Kirk, because we don’t see her after the whole George Kirk goes down with the Kelvin/James Kirk is born scene in the beginning. This particular assignment, though, asks for directly before or after, and I would have prefered to write about months later at the earliest.

Of course, there was also Frank — what happened after Jim stole (and crashed) the car? Unfortunately, I can imagine all too well what would have occurred, having seen a deleted scene which shall be linked to later. Chances are, if Frank didn’t have Jim charged, he would have beat him. Mind, it’s about the right time for Kirk to have ended up on Tarsus IV for the genocide, so perhaps Frank sent him there. Regardless, Frank was clearly pissed, and there are only so many things to come — and as for the before, the deleted scene pretty much takes care of anything I could do with it. I could always do a very focused emotional piece on how he felt when he noticed Jim and the car were gone, and perhaps I will some other day, but that was not what I wanted for tonight.

There was also the man who Jim gave his bike to when he opted to join the ‘Fleet. I thought about what must have gone on in his head when the keys were tossed at him, and wondered if he would keep it, or sell it, or if he even knew how to drive it. Or perhaps I could have begun with him waking up and going to work — does he have a family? Did he wake hungover, or with a headache, or perhaps to the neighbors having some sort of fight?

However, in the end, I settled upon a different character. Unfortunately, I’m going to need to explain a bit, so please bear with me just a little longer.

I chose the car scene, which I’ll link later. In this scene, Kirk is driving a car, and he passes another boy, one he calls “Johnny.”

Johnny doesn’t exist.

So here’s the thing. I’m not using Johnny. I don’t like him and his lack of existence. It kind of really pisses me off. See, this boy was originally supposed to be called “Sam.” As in, George Samuel Kirk Jr. Sam was taken out of existence because it was thought that the audience would be confused by a character that only has one scene. Personally, I think this was a terrible idea, and gave too little credit to the people watching. Besides, if nothing else, neither Winona nor Frank ever show up again, so unless they are going to be in the sequel (which I am resolutely not checking, because I want the movie to be a surprise, thank you very much, and I’m sincerely hoping it isn’t going to be another Khan story line), shouldn’t they confuse the audience just as much?

I guess it was thought absent parental units made more sense than an absent brother.

And so, I’m altering the parameters of the assignment, and using the character that he was originally supposed to be. I’m using two scenes, as well. The deleted scene, which will provide the background for the running away, and the actual scene, which is the one I am actually using (the deleted one is really just there for context). Also, I’m not doing “after” so much as “during and after,” because I felt that it made more sense that way.

Actually, I think I want to end with the fic, so I’m going to finish up the process. As I said, it took some time to figure out what exactly I wanted to use, and then even more time to choose a character. I also briefly considered Gaila, Uhura’s roommate, as well as the cadet known as Cupcake (but is possibly Giotto), but discarded them as too depressing (ending in Gaila’s probable death), or violent (Cupcake is itching for a fight, and then, lo and behold, there is one). Then, there was the writing of the fic. What did I want to focus on? What should the style be? Should it be in first person, or second, or what? Do I want to do before (which would end on the deleted scene) or after? What was the straw, anyway — and how much did it really matter? What did Sam do when he realized where Jim was heading?

In the end, I decided to go for after, with during by necessity, as you already know. Then, it was a matter of writing it — how long should it be? — and then writing this. And, of course, finding the proper linkage, which will be a lot harder to accomplish if certain laws pass.

Here is the deleted scene, which should be watched first, if you plan to watch both. It’s really just there for context, so if you really can’t spare the minute and a half, don’t sweat it. All you really need to know is that they are brothers, and that his name is not, and should never have been, Johnny.

This is the scene in question. It’s set to begin 52 seconds in, so if you really want to watch the intro, move fast. Else, it begins just as we run into Sam again.

Also, because I said I would explain it, the title of this blog post comes from Operation — Annihilate, the episode where Kirk’s brother is killed. This can never happen, now, because (at least, currently), George Samuel Kirk Jr. doesn’t exist to die. Thing is, though, he kind of has to — if he’s the older one, the Kelvin disaster had nothing to do with him or his birth, and so there is no reasonable explanation for the difference. In any case, it’s lost now, in the sense that it can never be.

I would, before I post this, like to say just a few more things. I do not own the rights to this movie, though I do own a copy. I do not own these characters, and nothing I do or say can or will, to the best of my knowledge, influence in any way, shape, or form Star Trek as a whole. I am not making any money from writing using these characters, though I am (hopefully) getting class credit for completing the ds106 assignment that is linked at the beginning of this post.

And now that the disclaimer and other such important things are over and done with, I bid thee adieu. Go, watch the clip(s), and whether you read the story or not, I hope that you have a wonderful day.



He heard the car coming up from behind him, and put his thumb out in hopes of getting a lift. He needed to get out – there was nothing left for him here, in that house that was not, would never be a home. He felt bad about leaving Jim behind, but his brother was smart, quiet — he knew how to get out of the way and stay there. He’d be okay by himself.

The car honked at him, and he turned. His arm fell to his side as the driver called out to him. It couldn’t possibly be his little brother, not Jim. Jim was a good kid, didn’t pull stupid stunts like this.

There was no mistaking the voice that called out his name. His heart stopped. He took a step forward, hoping that Jim would pull over, and then he heard the siren.

Frozen, he couldn’t get his body to move. He knew that whatever happened next, Frank would be pissed.

In the distance, he saw the law enforcement drone catch up to the car. Then he saw the car turn. He knew that road. The end of it was a long drop.

He ran.

The cars, for obvious reasons, were much faster than he. He stopped in the grass, gasping for breath, as he realized that the corvette was gone. It had gone over. He prayed to every deity he didn’t believe in that his brother hadn’t gone over with it. The drone was still there, however, he could see the bike, vaguely. He rubbed at his eyes, trying to see more clearly.

Shapes took form — two of them. Jim had somehow survived something that anyone else would have died during. Jim always was the lucky one, though. Relief spread through his body, making him dizzy and lightheaded. His legs gave out, and he sprawled onto the grass, doing his best not to cry. He thought about getting up, running to Jim, yelling at him for doing something so dumb.

He lay there, considering, trying to breathe through the last vestiges of terror. He heard another vehicle, coming to pick his brother up, most likely. Maybe it was another law enforcement drone — this one in a car instead of on a bike. Or, perhaps it was an ambulance — Jim might have gotten hurt, after all. Heck, the drone may have even called Frank.

That thought had him sitting up, fear surging back up. Frank. What would he do to Jim after this?

He flopped back down — he’d know Frank’s hovercar anywhere, and that was definitely not it. He didn’t stand until he heard them leave, and then he walked to the quarry. Peering down, he tried not to feel sick at the sight. Then he found himself unable to swallow down anger. That was his father’s car — and now it was twisted metal at the bottom of a cliff.

He looked off into the distance, back the way he’d come. There was nothing for him there. He wasn’t lying when he said he couldn’t be a Kirk in that house. Walking away wasn’t very Kirk-like either — he was leaving his brother behind if he continued down his path. It would kill him to stay. He took a deep breath, and made a decision. He walked down the road, back onto the main one. He looked at the town he grew up in. He turned.

Squaring his shoulders, Sam walked away.

“I’m a Doctor, Not a –!”

You may have noticed by now, dear reader, that all of my titles (thus far, anyway), are Star Trek references. In keeping with that, may I present my second ds106 assignment, Troll Quotes.

This was a fairly simple process, all things considered. The picture itself I found after a quick Google search for Emergency Medical Hologram — for that is who he is. He was the sole medical personal for Star Trek: Voyager. He was very odd.

The quote, of course, is from Dr. McCoy, who was from The Original Series. He said things like that a lot — “I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer/shuttle conductor/psychiatrist!” This particular quote comes from Friday’s Child. To learn more about McCoy, you should totally listen to this song. It’s by S.P.O.C.K., a Swedish group, I think, and it’s totally rockin’.

Dr. Crusher is the doctor from Next Generation — and quite frankly, I try to forget about her. Alas, what can you do? I liked Wesley more than I liked her — and if you know the general feelings for Wesley Crusher, you understand what sort of statement I’m making here. She’s not bad, she’s just… Well. The less I say, the better, I’m sure.

In any case, the process.

After deciding what assignment I was going to tackle (surprisingly easily, since I see them all the time and have been tempted to do one) I had to choose my characters. I chose Star Trek because it’s now a theme for my life — there are things I like more, but most people associate it with me, and I’m okay with that. In fact, it greatly amuses me. So why not? The characters, then, were slightly harder, but I like the CMOs, and so I eventually settled on them.

I found the picture of the EMH via Google search, and quickly saved it. After opening Paint (sorry, tokyo50mm!), I quickly typed in a McCoyism and attributed it to Dr. Crusher. I’ve been considering how I would do this for a few hours, and was originally going to use a picture of Sisko, with the quote “make it so” attributed to Kirk (though Picard is the one who is known for it), but eventually decided that I’d prefer to do a doctor-themed ds106. Regardless, my needs were met, so I’m perfectly content.

In any case, I chose the McCoyism because it’s something that is easily recognized. Thus, I was left to chose between the EMH and Crusher for the picture and attribution. As I’ve stated, though, I really don’t like Crusher — so the EMH it was. And thus, it began.

This was really interesting to do, and I’m glad I’ve finally done it. I see things like this all the time on imgur, but couldn’t bring up the courage to do it until just now. It was fun, and I’ll think I’ll do it again sometime.

Have a great night, Possible Reader, and take care!