Daily Create 2

Daily Create Between February 11th and February 17th

February 16, 2012


This Daily Create was about how old we feel. I was in the computer lab, and it struck me — desktops, man. I remember the Time Before Laptops (it was a sad time, I assure you). And so, this. I thought that the Daily Create page would be appreciated (or at least, moreso than the background…), so I stayed there for the photo.

I felt that a desktop would be good for another reason as well. I’ve been feeling kind of blah lately. Friends are graduating soonish, and I’m thinking about how I may never see some of them again. I’m being left behind, sort of — unintentionally, of course, this is just the way life goes. But… Arg. Just a bit. And desktops are also getting outdated. So… two meanings for the price of one?

February 15, 2012

Fun and Games

This is a video game. The Daily Create for today was to take a picture of a toy in motion. I though, video games. I’m surrounded by them, after all, and I would definitely call them toys, because one plays (with) them. So why not? You can’t really tell in the picture what’s going on, but this is

February  14, 2012

Mixed Sushi

The Daily Create for today was about food — an interestingly served or eaten dish. While this isn’t perfect, I loved it so much I had to take a picture. I went to dinner with some good friends, and one of them I have been to this place several times before. When we’d been previously, each of us had a dish we ate more than the others. This plate was served this way — with her favorite and mine. We giggled.

February 12, 2012

The Human Hand

This Daily Create was about the details of a human hand. She drew me a giraffe, and it was quite cute.


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